ABA client, coach and author Sarah Jones, has launched the Sarah-J Coaching Leadership Live Series in Dubai.

Taking place in late October, the event will feature prominent speakers and experts sharing their lessons in leadership and techniques to help make workplaces more diverse and better places for growth and development.

The event will take place over two days, in the creative workspaces of Alserkal Avenue Dubai and showcase prominent and emerging leaders, in a bid to strengthen the prosperity and diversity of the region. The event is generously supported by a circle of local institutions and we are grateful for your advice and support; The Ajala Project, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, EMKWAN, British Business Group UAE.

Sarah, whose professional background is in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and communications fields, remembers entering the boardroom for the first time in her early 30s and being the only female board member. ‘I remember it vividly, walking into the room and feeling instantly under scrutiny, and the only women there, by those who traditionally seemed like the only people who should usually step foot into the boardroom of a company. However, thanks to powering through earlier difficulties in life, I adjusted my mindset, steeled myself and gave it my all. I was lucky to have a great CEO who listened, ask questions and  trusted me as an objective advisor.

She continues, “To create growth, we must work together to attract, build and retain talent in the region, that’s one of key ways to build a sustainable business – and diversity is a key driver. The UAE wants to become one of top 25 in the world for gender equality by 2021. Legislation has mandated a female presence on boards: the goal is 20% for listed companies by 2020. The UAE Constitution guarantees equal rights for both women and men, and there are currently eight women in the UAE Cabinet – more than the US or the UK.

The UAE cabinet has created a ‘Leaders of the 21st Century Model’ for young leaders – so the leadership building blocks are there  – all to be discussed at the inaugural Leadership Series meeting.”

Research conducted by Sarah-J Coaching, Sarah’s coaching business, which works with business and individual clients internationally, showed that there is an appetite for more diversity in senior level positions and better talent development in the UAE region and she is keen to inject her positive energy and insatiable drive for people development into the region.

For more information, visit www.sarah-j.ae or for sponsorship enquiries contact Adam Bradford at Adam Bradford Associates, tel: +1 323 487 1746 or e-mail adam.bradford@abpcmail.uk.

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