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Benson Ekpo is no ordinary 21-year-old. Since the age of 13, he has relentlessly pursued his dream of making the world a better place and has stopped at nothing to make sure people know about it.

He has now launched his YOLO podcast, which aims to enable you to find your personal freedom via adventure travel, food and personal development.

He said: ‘Growing up and even to this day, I have always been disturbed by the number of my peers whose dreams don’t stretch beyond the mundane, generic experiences. Most of them try to break the mould but never make it far because they don’t know what or how to do it. I have been able to find my personal freedom via travel and lifestyle, I’m inspired to create by the people; places, cultures and creatures that I meet at crossroads. With this podcast, I hope to inspire other young people to experience the wonderments of seeing the world and teach them how to do that without harming the planet.‘

His resume should be a glittering benchmark for his peers to aspire to. Benson is passionate about Social Change and Public Service Administration which is why he is always ready and willing to help others with his time, skills and all the resources he has in his arsenal.

He is a member of the International Youth Council. An intern with the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum (Lagos hub). He volunteers with Amnesty International to promote awareness of Human Rights via social media. He is currently the Global Lead spokesperson to the Teen General Assembly, an African Young Leadership Fellow and, he was recently conferred the honor of Young Global Peace Ambassador by the international peace organization, Peace Chain, for his work in promoting education and sustainable tourism in Nigeria. Benson is also the first ever Envoy on Youth to the Council Future Plan Nigeria.

He wants everyone in his generation to take action on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, a set of targets and ideals which focus on eradicating extreme poverty, fair access to work and jobs, stamping out inequalities and making the world cleaner, safer and more environmentally friendly.

As a proud Gen-Z citizen, he has taken the bull by the horns and uses his social media platforms to galvanise a movement of young people, activists and passionate changemakers to lead the charge in making their world a brighter place. Set this against the backdrop of Nigeria, a country with one of the highest youth populations and youth unemployment rates in the world and it would be easy for one to be despondent.

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